Building a portable air cleaner

How I built a simple dust cleaner from scrap wood.

Making a ram puzzle on the scroll saw

Thoughts from making a ram/Aires upright puzzle on the scroll saw

Regular versus recursive functions in Fortran

This is a short post that contrasts recursive versus regular Fortran functions and gives an example factorial $n!$ recursive function.  

Carve this dragon portrait

Recently I took out my old Dremel rotary tool that had been collecting dust and played around with some walking sticks, carving a couple wood spirits. After carving mostly with knifes for the last few years, I wasn't a big fan of the dust! Guess I'll have to get a nicer fitting mask...

Modeling and animating the evolution of a cinder cone in Python

Numerically modeling of the evolution of a cinder cone where individual rock particles or "bombs" are launched from a central point with "random" trajectories from a central location and deposition/accumulation. Each process is explicit, eventually this process develops the shape of a classic cinder cone. 

Thoughts from replacing a furnace and adding a split AC in a manufactured home

A detailed description of what I learned from replacing a mobile home furnace with a full size furnace and split AC unit.

Python, regex, and SymPy to automate custom text conversions to LaTeX

A Jupyter Notebook that details the use of SymPy to create LaTeX formatted equations.