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Computing zonal and weighted statistics from NetCDF data with NCO

An in depth tutorial on using command line NetCDF tools for computing weighted statistics.

Scale independent hydrologic metrics

A short discussion of common metrics used to characterize the hydrology of watersheds.

Why you should learn Python's multiprocessing module

A brief introduction to the Python multiprocessing library.

Concatenate and average NetCDFs

An quick tutorial on installing command line NetCDF tools and using them for basic variable concatenation and averaging.

Getting WhatPulse installed on Linux

A short post aimed at helping anyone who is having issues installing the "WhatPulse" app on Linux.

Write and compile your first Fortran 95 program on Linux

Quick guide to writing, compiling, and executing a "Hello World" program in Fortran.

How to highlight source code for displaying in HTML

A useful online app that allows you to easily create fully formatted HTML to display highlighed code.